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Paul Mindy a Norfolk Norwich Wedding Photographer Is based in Norwich Norfolk as a wedding photographer. Specializing in weddings, portrait, commercial and landscape. All of his photography can be land based or aerial.

Photographing landscapes to  weddings around Norwich Norfolk, Paul also loves to go on location shoots and can be seen taking pictures across the UK especially the North Norfolk Coast and destination shoots abroad. He also love to capture his family when he’s not busy photographing professionally.

Paul Mindy is kind of photographer who just loves to shoot to capture the mood. Paul loves to shoot images that reflect the fun & excitement of the day. He loves to make friends and finds he can get the best poses and shots from a natural angle because people feel relaxed around him.

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Paul really does believe that the natural smiles come from people being totally comfortable with their surroundings and the photographer. Paul makes this his priority to be involved as much as you want him to be.

Capturing your true personalities, you wont find too much in the way of formal posing, just a little guidance when needed.

This is your day so he wants the portraits to be as fun and relaxed as he can make them, after all it is your story he is telling.

We work closely with various Business Award Ceremonies and Cultural Diversity Projects so we can offer a complete range of professional

services tailored to suit your needs.

Please get in touch to see how Paul a Norfolk Norwich Wedding Photographer can capture beautiful moments, whether it’s a wedding or a landscape, we have it covered with many years experience and a great eye for beautiful timeless photos.

We offer a framing service too.
Paul also has CAA permission to take to the skies, offering the complete land air package.

Video is shot in 4K DNG RAW gives professional cinema quality video. Photographic images are shot with Canon 5D MK3 with prime lenses that are truly amazing.

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Norfolk Norwich Wedding Photographer

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