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Wedding Ceremony Photos

We love to take meaningful photos, peoples smiles and joy they exhibit are a joy to photograph. Having been taking pictures for many years and still love the thrill of taking photos and the joys that go with it, we can be a fly on the wall or be right up with the action. Having attended many marriage ceremonies we can anticipate what might happen and get the camera rolling to grab those special marriage moments. We get to meet so many beautiful people at the wedding service.


Comfortable People Make For Better Wedding Photos

With wedding photography, having the ability to make people feel at ease especially on their big day is a must for natural looking photographs, we are genuine and people can relate to that, being at ease through out the day can be most enjoyable, you have more energy to enjoy the ambience, the party and your lovely guests. Some many couples we talk to admit the day goes so quickly they are afraid they might miss something, don't worry we will be happily snapping away to capture all those unplanned moments, after all you don't get married and walk down the isle every day. 


Wedding Photography Packages

Choose form various packages from a few hours to all day that is up to you. We can couple photography with videography if you so wish, we can even take pictures from the air to show the grandeur of your beautiful venue and guests.


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We can even bring lighting to your location for a party or an occasion.